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COACHES : In order to make practices run smoothly and be fun, it is important for us to have a basic understanding of the intellectual, emotional and physical developmental stage of the players we are coaching.
Below are some simple characteristics of the players that we coach and session plans for each age group. PLEASE USE THEM!!!

Mini and micro coaching plans(U3 and U4)

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U5 and U6 coaching plans

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Here are some typical characteristics of the Under 6 player.
Focused on themselves – reality to them is based on what they see and feel
Unable to see the world from another’s perspective
Everything is in the here and now
Cooling systems are less efficient - need frequent water breaks
Enjoy playing, not watching. Every player should have a ball in practice
Limited attention span - keep directions concise and to the point
Effort is performance – if they try hard, they are doing well
Active imaginations – utilize their imaginations in activities, they will love practice!
Look for adult approval – be encouraging when they say “Coach, look what I can do!”
Unable to think abstractly – spatial relationships are a mystery
Typically have 2 speeds -- extremely fast and stopped
Usually unaware of game scores – keep it that way

U7 and U8 coaching plans
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Here are some typical characteristics of the Under8 player.:

Enjoy playing in pairs

Are now able to take another’s perspective.

Still unable to think abstractly – be patient.

Cooling system still less efficient than adults – still make sure to give frequent water breaks.

Still prefer playing to watching – keep everyone active during practice.

Limited attention span

Have an understanding of time and sequence – “if I do this, then that happens”.

Some now have a third or fourth speed in addition to stopped and as fast as possible.

Very aware of adult reactions – be very aware of your reactions.

Seek out adult approval and need reassurance – be supportive.

Begin to become aware of peer perception – a social order is beginning to develop.

Wide range of abilities between children at this age

Beginning to develop motor memories

Some become more competitive

Less active imaginations than U6 players

U9 and U10 coaching plans

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Here are some typical characteristics of the Under10 player.

Attention span lengthens and they start to show the ability to sequence thoughts and actions.

They start to think ahead and think “If this, then that”

More inclined towards wanting to play soccer rather than being told to play.

Demonstrate increased self-responsibility

They start to recognize fundamental tactical concepts

Begin to become aware of peer pressure.

Players affiliate with their team or their coach

There is a wide continuum of maturity evident on most teams.

This is still a crucial age for technical skill development.

U11 and U12 coaching plans

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Here are some typical characteristics of the Under12 player.

All children are maturing at different rates and are sensitive to that fact.

Need to warm-up and stretch as muscle pulls and other nagging injuries are common

Typically understand elemental abstract concepts and hypothetical situations.

They like to solve problems.

Peer evaluation is a constant.

Egos are sensitive.

Coordination may depend on whether or not they are in a growth spurt.

Technique still needs to be reinforced constantly.

Playing too much can lead to overuse injuries.

Playing too much and not feeling like they have a choice in the matter can lead to

burnout and drop-out.

This is the dawn of tactics!

Keep asking the players to be creative and to take risks. Ask for feedback from them. They will tell you how things are going.

Try to hand over leadership and ownership of the team to them. They will enjoy

leading and it will add to the learning environment.

U13 and U14 and above coaching plans

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